you can win some cool maheti gifts at some specials during the year (Marathon, Christmas special, special streams, top supporter etc...):

You can also quit your gift and send it to another viewer!


these maheti gifts are currently available: 


2 hours of stream extensions 

stream extension when ever you want at the end of any stream

2 hours of stream extensions (AcmeFont Thin)

Maheti monkey stuffed animal

size: 18 cm
colour: brown with white tshirt


Maheti Monkey

Decide the music genre

you may decide the music genre on any monday you would like to


available music genres are: // techno // deep House // Sofa tunes // liquid dnb // House // Progressive House & melodic techno // afro house // Psytrance/goa // downtempo/downbeat // chill  house (like wednesday) // tech house // 

Decide the music (AcmeFont Thin)

Maheti cappie 

colour: black



Maheti Cappie

25 Euro or Dollar Steam or amazon Coupon: 

you will get a coupon code via private message or email

25 Euro Dollar coupon (AcmeFont Thin)

2 maheti keychain

size: different sizes

colour (border): every colour available


5 gift Subs to any stream on twitch 

we will gift 5 subs to any stream! you decide! You also decide the point of time we will gift!

5 gift subs to any community (Acme Font Thin)

Alex wear a tshirt: I Love "yourname"

alex will wear a Tshirt with the Letters " i Love (yourname)" at any stream you would like to (you will decide the day). You will also decide the colour of the Tshirt if you would like to
if you want you will get the shirt for free after the stream
I Love

maheti t-shirt

size: s - 5xl
colour: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, navy, orange, purple, grey and many more

Maheti T-shirt

Maheti Polo shirt

Size: S - 3XL
colour: black, white, bottle green, Navy blue

Maheti Polo Shirt

MAHETI Tank top

COLOUR: BLACK, white, grey, marine

Maheti Tank Top

Maheti hoodie

size: Xs - xxl 
colour: black, white, grey, green, Navy, red, burgundy, yellow, royal blue

Maheti Hoodie

maheti pullover

size: s - 3xl 
colour: black, white, navy, grey, red, royal blue, green, bottle green

Maheti Pullover

maheti gym bag

colours: black, white, royalblue, red, magenta, indigo, burgundy, yellow, green, grey

Maheti Gym Bag

Maheti pillow

shape: square, heart
colour: white
size: 40x40 cm

Maheti Pillow

maheti cup

colour: white

Maheti Cup

maheti mousepad

colour: white
size: 19x23 cm

Maheti Mousepad

maheti beer cup

colour: white
size: 500 ml

Maheti Beer Cup

2x maheti shot glass

colour: white/Black, White/White
size: 4 cl

material: ceramic

Maheti Shot Glass