Forgotten Modern

Forgotten Modern:

Forgotten Modern
Split between LA and Davis, CA, the duo spends their time playing with synths & producing songs built on emotions.
Their second release, a cunning house remix of Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow', found them sparking the algorithms & gaining the attention of listeners worldwide.
The pair followed up the remix with an original release, 'Like The Way You Look', using the same house energy & a sample from the old Men's Wearhouse commercials. Their sound mixes between house and melodic tech, but sometimes finds them going dark notably featured in their 'Walking In The Air (Remix)', a heavy techno blaster fit for the dancefloor.While they may be known for their classic 90's house remixes like their ecstatic version of Enya's 'Only Time' or Jade's 'Don't Walk Away', they continue to display their talent with live sets full of all original music and edits containing their production and various instruments.
After recent single releases on deepNheat and Modarnity, Forgotten Modern are gearing up to drop an album encompassing their live edits, remixes and originals in 2022.

Genres: Deep Progressive & Melodic Techno