Alemar On Festival Mode


Behind the project Alemar , we find Alex Markopoulos from Greece, born in 1981.
Having a natural love for music and sound, studied piano at a very young age (started 7yrs old) and in time witnessed the phasma of musical genre pass in time, which immediately influenced him and hooked him up with the desire to get involved in music production and sound layering.
His first steps began back in the early 2000s with simple but yet effective programs back then , such as Reason by Propellerhead, Logic from Yamaha (bought a Yamaha Cs2x at the age of 18) and Cubase 5 / Nuendo back in the days.

His first involvement at around 2013 was in the progressive psychedelic genre , with numerous releases to labels in Germany, Israel, Mexico, Greece, Chile and more just to mention a few (that project is called Agent Kritsek).
As years passed by and he kept experimenting with more musical genres such as dnb, chillout downtempo, even music scoring/filming, his love turned (around 10yrs now) to the melodic deep progressive house genre, which found the light of his feelings arise.

Since then, Alex is constantly trying to improvise and implement a heart touching sound, rythmic grooves, aetherial vocals and beautifull atmospheres, all in one, which combine the soul and the body of the listener, including himself ofc.
You can only expect progress as evolution is inevitable.

Programs Used : Ableton Live 11 Suite + External Plugins + Vsti
Controllers Used : Novation Launchkey 25 + Komplete Kontrol 49
Hardware Used : Phonic 8' Monitor Speakers + Swissonic sound card + Argon8 Analog-Digital Synthesizer.

Genres: Melodic House, Deep Progressive